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Adventure Writing (Base) – English


Laura Cardinale



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Our Entry-Level Adventure Writing Course is designed for players, GMs, storytellers, or authors who wish to approach the kind of writing needed to create official Role-Playing Games’ scenarios. You will not just learn how to write stories for your own table, but also to make them believable and consistent enough to have them included in more extensive publications.

After an introduction about the world of the gaming industry, the class will analyze the fundamental notions for writing linear plots, the role of antagonists, linguistic registers and styles, and target audiences.


At the end of the course, every student will have the opportunity to write a linear adventure, which will be corrected by the teacher and possibly published. Every participant will be issued a certificate of attendance.


The lectures will be held on Google Meet and the workshops on Google Classroom. After enrollment the attendees will receive their access credentials.

We kindly remind participants that recording the lessons is forbidden. All the lectures will be recorded by Academy Staff and provided in case of absence. Please contact the course’s Coordinator to receive them.

Thanks to the Academy’s Supporters, throughout the whole duration of the course students will have the opportunity to join contests and events, submitting their own creations. Please check the “Opportunities” section of our site for further details.

Informazioni Generali

Prerequisites: none.

Live online lessons.


Participants must be members of "Il Salotto di Giano APS" for the current year. If you're not yet a member, you should add a membership fee of 20,00 € to the course price.


Members can enjoy all the benefits associated with their membership card and all the services offered by the Association, as well as participate in all the scheduled activities.

Please note that the program below is only an approximation, and could be subject to change. For the lesson schedule, please check the “Program” section.


The course is comprised of 10 hours of lectures + assistance and tutoring for the workshop activities.

Application Deadline: 10th November.
Course Timetable: The lectures will be held online on the platforms indicated above. All of the platforms are free and do not require registration. For more details on the topics and on the lesson schedule, “Program” section coming soon.


The Enrollment Fee Includes:

Didactic materials

Lecture notes

etichette :


Vicepresidente de "Il Salotto di Giano" e Coordinatrice della Giano Academy, lavora nel mondo dell'editoria ricoprendo diversi ruoli: editor, correttrice di bozze, autrice, social media manager e organizzatrice di eventi.

Costo : 50 €

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